Jo Scorah's work explores the union between context and form, creating two dimensional textile based installations, as well as paintings and drawings.
Success as an artist has been instigated by the combination of fine
line and strong use of colour, developed from a textile background.
Her sculptural pieces convey a raw energy that transmit emotion,
conveying a thoughtful response to conflict, and its associations with shelter and protection.
The work draws on the translation of defence, emotional and physical, outlining feelings of isolation and vulnrability, yet shielding the mechanics of the inside.
Although the work is bound by subject, its ambiguity is deepened by the organic process, and hands on approach to the work.
Form and structure are used to create bold pieces that convey a
duality of fragility and ruggedness .
Drawing and painting play an equally important part of Jo's practice.
Use of bold colour and an intuative textural line, creating figurative work that references passion and sensitivity.
Working with mixed media enables a cross fertilisation between cloth and paint as well as unconventional materials such as latex, fibres and metal to create three dimensional pieces.--more-->Look up Jo: